Super7Ops Consultancy Services

Menno R. van Dijk
Menno R. van Dijk

Super7Ops Consultancy Services – a unique proposition


  • Author of the book on Super7
  • Inventor of the Super7 Operations as the next step for Lean in financial services


  • Over three years first-hand experience with Super7 Operations in practice
  • Lead consultant at 5 Super7 implementation projects
  • Over 15 years experience in Lean and Lean Six Sigma

Best-practices, tools and documentation

  • Tools for autonomous team planning and work distribution available
  • Maturity assessment available, on Super7 maturity and team autonomy
  • Documents available for Kick-off, implementation roadmap and workshops

Creativity and analytical skills to make it work for your department

  • Analytical skills to understand what is needed in your situation, and what makes your department unique
  • Creative solutions to make the principles work in your department